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02-May-2023 15:16:00 GMT
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India become No. 1 ICC Test team

Dubai: India have been crowned the new No.1 team in MRF Tyres ICC Men's Test Rankings, with Rohit Sharma's side leapfrogging Australia in the annual rankings update.

Australia's reign at the top of the Men's Test Rankings comes to an end after 15 months with India going past the Aussies ahead of next month's ICC World Test Championship Final.

India taking on Australia in Test cricket has quickly become one of the most exciting rivalries in recent history and the rankings reversal sets up the World Test Championship Final perfectly, with the two sides set to write yet another chapter at Ultimate Test on 7 June at The Oval.

Prior to the annual rankings update, Australia were at the top with 122 points with India trailing them by three points (119). The annual rankings consider all series completed since May 2020, with series completed before May 2022 weighted at 50 percent and all subsequent series weighted at 100 percent.

As a result, Australia’s home series wins over Pakistan (2-0) and New Zealand (3-0) in 2019/20 were no longer in consideration, while their 4-0 win over England in 2021/22 has its weighting halved. Consequently, Australia's ratings dropped from 121 to 116.

ICC Test Championship(As on: 02-May-2023)
S# Team Matches Points Rating
1. India 25 3031 121
2. Australia 23 2679 116
3. England 36 4103 114
4. South Africa 21 2182 104
5. New Zealand 23 2291 100
6. Pakistan 22 1902 86
7. Sri Lanka 24 2015 84
8. West Indies 25 1906 76
9. Australia 18 805 45
10. Zimbabwe 7 223 32

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