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30-Jun-2010 03:00:00 GMT
ICC news

Six Countries Reject John Howard's ICC Role

Dubai: Cricket Australia is waiting to confirm whether John Howard has failed in his bid to become the ICC's vice-president following a move from six countries to block the appointment.

The position taken by the board members on Tuesday night was believed to be a bid to force Howard to withdraw his nomination before the executive meeting in Singapore on Wednesday.

Howard has remained in the race and unless there is a significant turnaround as the meeting concludes it will leave the ICC without a vice-president when India's Sharad Pawar takes over the presidency from David Morgan as part of the two-yearly rotation. "We're still waiting to hear the outcome," a Cricket Australia spokesman said.

Six board members signed a letter on Tuesday rejecting the appointment but Zimbabwe, the most strident back-room critic of Howard's nomination, was not one of them. Australia, New Zealand and England were the only supporters of the appointment among the game's 10 major countries.

Howard, the former prime minister, was the joint nomination of Cricket Australia and New Zealand Cricket for the role, which would have led to him taking the top job in 2012. If Howard is rejected for the post, Australia and New Zealand are expected to be asked to recommend another candidate.

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