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05-Jan-2022 16:12:00 GMT
Netherlands news

Netherlands name squad for ODI series against Afghanistan

Amsterdam: Netherlands coach Ryan Campbell has selected 15 players for CWC Super League Series against Afghanistan which will see the two teams meet on January 21, 23, and 25 in the Asian Town Cricket Stadium in Doha.

Afghanistan and Netherlands will lock in a three-match ODI series from January 21.

"Playing Afghanistan in the middle east will be one of the toughest tests we will face but a challenge that I know the players will embrace. Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi, and Mujeeb Ul Rahman have become brilliant franchise players right around the world," said Campbell in a statement.

"Aryan Dutt and Boris Gorlee get more opportunities to push their case for what will be a big summer of cricket, as does leg spinner Philippe Boissevain.

The improvement in these youngsters will be vital for us going forward," he added.

Netherlands squad:
Pieter Seelaar (VOC) (Captain), Colin Ackermann (Leicestershire County CC), Max O'Dowd (VOC), Scott Edwards (VOC), Brandon Glover (Northamptonshire County CC), Fred Klaassen (Kent County CC), Ryan Klein (HBS), Boris Gorlee (HCC), Clayton Floyd (HCC), Saqib Zulfiqar (Punjab CCR), Asad Zulfiqar (Punjab CCR), Bas de Leede (VCC), Vivian Kingma (VCC), Aryan Dutt (VCC), Phillipe Boissevain (VCC)

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