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Afghanistan Players Start with M

S# Player Name Full Name Dubut
1. Mirwais Ashraf Mirwais Ashraf 2009
2. Mohammad Ishaq Mohammad Ishaq Shirzad 2024
3. Mohammad Mujtaba Mohammad Mujtaba
4. Mohammad Nabi Mohammad Nabi 2009
5. M Nasim Baras Mohammad Nasim Baras 2015
6. Mohammad Saleem Mohammad Saleem Safi 2023
7. Mohammad Sami Mohammad Sami Agha
8. Mohammad Shahzad Mohammad Shahzad Mohammadi 2009
9. Mohibullah Oryakhel Mohibullah Paak Oryakhel 2013
10. Mujeeb Ur Rahman Mujeeb Ur Rahman 2017
11. Munir Ahmad Munir Ahmad Kakar 2021
Scores Upcoming Results